Commercial Blunder: Dwight David Honeycutt on Honesty

Oh boy, do we have an amazing commercial blunder for you this week. Today’s commercial comes in the form of a small town politician’s campaign ad.

Warning: This video has some language that may be inappropriate for work. Profanity and inappropriate content begins around the 2:45 mark. You have been warned!

The man in the video is Dwight David Honeycutt. About five years ago, Honeycutt decided to run for a position on the school board in Conway, Arkansas. With a little honesty and the magic of low-budget film editing, this masterpiece was born!

It’s important to note that the man running for political office is not somebody playing a character. He really exists! In an interview with the Arkansas Times, Honeycutt spoke on his short-lived political career and the reasoning behind his brash campaign ad. Here’s what he said:

“Politics is about putting your best side forward, but I got a lot of ugly sides…I decided then and there that I’d tell the truth about everything. What do I have to lose? How much time do I have left?”

Dwight David Honeycutt is a breath of fresh air in the world of politics. While big time politicians spend time creating an incredibly fake model of their life, while vilifying their competition, Honeycutt takes a different approach. He makes a complete mockery of politics!

By opening his video with the cheesy series of quick cuts and canned statements, Honeycutt props himself up as a caricature of politicians everywhere. As the video progresses, he takes a dark turn by revealing the “ugly sides” of himself. Pretty tough to vilify your opposition when he’s already taking an open stance on his deep dark secrets?

This strategy failed Honeycutt most likely because he went a little too far with his honesty (seriously who steals medication from their grandchildren?). Rather than willingly surrendering all his deep dark secrets, Honeycutt should have used this strategy sparingly, then criticized himself for is shortcomings. Without this important step, quotes like “It’s time for class, do you know where your children are?” do nothing but scare off votes from concerned parents (who honestly will make up most of the vote for a school board election).

While honesty is the best policy, be sure that the next advertising endeavor you take on doesn’t go overboard with it!


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