Celebrate Your Small Business Independence!

Independence Day came and went as fast the fireworks that lit up the night sky.  But the celebration of our freedom should always be represented, especially when it comes to our right to achieve the American Dream as small business owners. 

We live in a country where entrepreneurial spirit is widely celebrated and recognized—where we have the opportunity to follow our passions and take risks.

Here are three reasons why you should celebrate your small business independence:

  • You Call the Shots.

The best part of owning your own business? You’re the boss. Finally, you can be that positive leader you never had. You can hire that super motivating Operations Manager who inspires your staff. YOU get to make the tough decisions that will make your business successful and efficient.

  • Vacation Time is Anytime.

Studies show that 33 percent of business owners work an average 49-50 hours per week, and 19 percent are still pulling 60-plus hours a week. But no matter how long or hard you work, there’s that bright silver lining called freedom. You can vacation anytime you want, for how long you want. It’s a beautiful thing to create your own schedule and take a little R&R at your own convenience. Work hard, play hard!

  • Because It’s Cool.

Go ahead, toot your own horn!  By being a business owner, you prove to people that you have passion and drive. That you’ve taken full advantage of your opportunities and made something out of nothing. It’s pretty impressive that you’re a small business owner and can give back to the community, collaborate with other businesses, and change the lives of your staff. Cheers to that!


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