Business Listings—The Modern-Day Yellow Pages You Just Can’t Live Without!

Let’s be blunt: If you don’t have business listings, it’s highly unlikely that people will find or trust you on the internet. Bottom line, you need business listings for online success. Let’s dig in a little more to truly understand what business listings are and why you need them.

Business Listings 101

At Platypus Media, Advertising and Design, we like to describe business listings to our clients as the modern-day yellow pages of the internet—and if you’re not in them, your future customers will be a thing of the past. Business listings like Yahoo, Yelp, Bing, and Angie’s List, are reputable listings that tell searchers everything you want them to know about your business—address, hours, menu, testimonials, and more importantly, reviews.

According to a 2016 survey on Brightlocal, 84 percent of consumers trust and are influenced heavily by online reviews. In fact, 90 percent read less than 10 reviews before making an opinion or buying a product from that business. Once you claim your listings, you can update and manage your reviews at anytime.

If you can, claim your business on as many business listing sites and local business listings as possible to reach the highest number of potential customers. Online directories like Platypus and YEXT can help you achieve all your listing dreams by claiming listings for you and offering tons of options to boost your presence such as power listings, customer support that ensures all your business information is correct, and real-time review monitoring.

Now customers trying to find you can see your business come up through these listings—so, they can’t miss you!

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