Avoid Facebook Fatigue by Cleaning Up Your Facebook

Facebook is an ever-changing, evolving platform of sharing ideas. In its brief, ten-year history, it has certainly become something much more than it once was. What once was a platform for college kids to connect with one another has now become a vehicle for business advertisement and spreading social awareness. The modern day Facebook has millions of voices, all yelling over one another to try to win your attention, it can get pretty hectic. Using Facebook as a platform to advertise your business as well as a personal social network is daunting. Excessive use often leads to Facebook fatigue.

What most Facebook users don't know is how easily they can remove many of the worst parts of the Newsfeed without cutting out the social networking site altogether. Cutting out all the junk from Facebook will make the experience fresh once more, and it makes the task of managing your business page more enjoyable and productive! Here are a few things you can remove from your Facebook in order to combat Facebook fatigue:

App & Event Invitations

Everybody knows at least one obsessed Facebook gamer. Event promoters also are notorious for sending out invitations to events that you don't even care about. Most likely people send out mass invitations to whatever time sink of a game unlock more rewards or tokens. Facebook quiz apps and games do nothing but waste time, there is no need to receive invites. Under the "Blocking" tab in "Settings" you can select specific people which you no longer want to receive invitations from (whether it is an application or an event), it's a great way to clear up some of the useless data from your Facebook!

Unfollow Friends/Pages

Some friends are just absolutely toxic over Facebook. The same applies for businesses. Rather than removing them from you Friends lists or list of Likes, you can simply unfollow their posts. While on the newsfeed every post has an arrow in the upper right corner of the post. Clicking that will render a menu with the option "Unfollow". Unfollowing a Page or a friend removes their posts from your Newsfeed but still leaves you as friends with that person. Sometimes spring cleaning of what you follow makes the Newsfeed full of content you actually want to view!

Sort Newsfeeds by Friends Lists

Facebook has created Friends Lists as a way of mass filtering people based off who you want to see while on their site. Say you're interested in only look at what your family has been up to. Simply file them all into a new Friends List, then rather than sifting through the entire Newsfeed to find what you want, all of your family's updates are available in a single place.

Birthday Notifications

Birthdays are great, there is no disputing that. But why do you need a notification from your friend's friend that you met at a barbecue three years ago? Chances are you only care about a minority of your Facebook friends' birthdays, and those you do care for you probably already remember! So why keep track of all these birthdays? To turn off birthday notifications, go to the "Notifications" tab in "Settings" turn birthdays off!

Facebook fatigue wears down everybody, but it's important to remember that the site was originally made as a fun easy way to connect with others! It's possible to enjoy Facebook again while at the same time managing an awesome social media campaign. By cutting away all the unnecessary fluff that has taken over the Newsfeed, it's possible to no longer loath visiting Facebook.


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