Are Blogs Still Relevant?


To blog or not to blog…

Find out if we think blogging still has its va va voom in the marketing world.

If blogging is out of style, then I’m out of a job! Lucky me—blogs are definitely still relevant. Blogs may be one of the more timeless marketing tricks to keep in your pocket at all times. Not only do they educate readers about your industry and niche, but they inspire people to take action, provide a fresh perspectives or share knowledge and expertise. Here is why we still love blogs and why you should continue writing them!

Blogs drive traffic.

Yes, it actually does. And remember, the more content you have on your site, the better. So, everytime you update your blog website page, it’s another indexed page on your site, which means it will appear on search engines and drive traffic organically. Blogs are also a huge marketing tactic on social media. People are more likely to share your blog and make comments, generating engagement and driving them to your website. It’s a huge benefit to post blogs and something that should be done once or twice a week!

Blogs give us knowledge

Go ahead, show it off! If you know things, spread the word. Not only does writing blogs show your professional power in writing, but it reflects your expertise—and people want to learn from the experts! Pack them rich with statistics, experience and industry knowledge and share your perspective. From “Breaking News,” and “How-Tos” to “Tips and Tricks,” business blogs are a great way to keep people informed and educated.

Blogs represent you!

Your business blog should always represent your brand. Don’t stray from who you are as a company—this is your chance to show your expertise, style, tone and overall purpose. And it’s a great medium to connect this to your target audience. Some blogs are written in an educational and informative tone—and some are more conversational and stylistic. Even the images you choose for each blog are super important and should have a unique style and perspective as well. Choose your voice and get brainstorming.


Happy Blogging!



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