Apple and IBM Forget They're Rivals And Take Aim At Mobile For Enterprise

The enemy of my enemy is my business partner. At least that appears to be Apple’s modus operandi with their latest business decision. This morning, Apple and their long-time rival IBM called a truce and announced a new global enterprise mobility partnership.

While many of the finer details have yet to be revealed, we have a good idea of the big picture goals. Through combining Apple’s hardware and IBM’s analytics, cloud, and mobile technology, the two tech giants hope to revolutionize how we do business. The goal is to ultimately launch a suite of iOS exclusive software, designed specifically with businesses in mind. With these tools at the fingertips of business professionals, iPads and iPhones will become sophisticated data-analysis and decision making tools rather than the basic communication devices we have come to know them as.

The Apple-IBM team up is a game changing move for Apple. With IBM backing their products, Apple immediately has access to their vast corporate clientele, an audience that has been dominated by Microsoft for decades. Their reign may soon come to an end, Microsoft most likely planned to stay relevant in the mobile devices competition through selling their devices to corporate clients. Unless they have an ace up their sleeve, this will be but a pipe dream for Microsoft.

A huge hurdle for making a push towards corporate mobile devices could be answered through this partnership as well. Technology managers are hesitant about running applications that require sensitive data on mobile devices due to being less secure than desktops. One of IBM’s strengths is security research and development. They have access to over 6,000 security specialists and 25 worldwide labs. It should be a no-brainer that all products with IBM’s name on it will be secure.

Several technology companies will potentially be hurt by this partnership, not just Microsoft. Blackberry’s days are most likely numbered as a preferred business phone. Google and the Android OS will certainly need to make some adjustments to keep pace with Apple. More than ever, Microsoft will have its back against the wall now that their corporate customers have a new option for incorporating mobile devices in their operations.


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