8 Must-Have Customer Acquisition Apps For Your Business

If you're a startup, your main priority is probably customer acquisition. Customer acquisition can be time consuming, but you don't have to do everything alone. These apps can dramatically change the way you see how customer acquisition is done! Reach more people and get on board!

Amazon S3

The internet is one of the most vital components to your business. Be sure that you can give your customers what they want in the event that your site goes down unexpectedly. Investing in online storage for all your files can help save you from losing customers. Amazon's Simple Storage Solution (S3) is storage for the internet. The perks of storing on the internet is easy accessibility for your data. Store and retrieve any amount of data, at anytime, from anywhere! The cost from such a convenience is only $0.010-$0.085 dollars/GB of stored data!

Sprout Social

Social media can play a big role in customer acquisition. Your customers are on social media and you should be too. It's not enough to be on social networks, you must interact as well! Monitoring when someone is talking about your business can be time consuming! However, there are tools to help you keep track of all your social networks and help you schedule posts too. Sprout Social is a social media management platform that can help you keep on top of customer engagement! Plans start as little as $39 dollars/user/month, a small fee to keep your customers happy and bring new customers in!


Knowing what customers are doing on your website can help you find out what is working and not. Save time, money, and bring in new customers by analyzing how they interact with your website! Tools like Google Analytics are great but have some serious pitfalls! One of them being the inability to attach data points to actions and specific people. It's hard to analyze the success of your site without analyzing every component. KISSMetrics connects data collected to real people. See what you customers are really doing when they are on your site and get to know who they are! Plans range from $150-$500 dollars/month.


Being able to see what part of your website gets clicked on is not enough anymore! Visualize the journey that your customers take though your website and watch it tell the story of who your customers really are. Clicktale's heatmaps and recorded user visits paint a real-time picture of what your customers are really doing by tracking mouse movements, clicks, and scroll rate! Best of all this service is FREE with the option to upgrade! Get one to help shape your customers story.


A/B split testing (randomized experiment with two variants) is a necessity for the customer acquisition process. Collecting this data will give you actionable data to use in your website marketing goals and efforts to bring more customers in. Nothing makes A/B split testing more easy than Unbouce. Use Unbouce to build and publish A/B test landing pages with ease, no coding necessary. Create pages in hours instead of weeks for $49-$199 dollars/month!


When it comes to inbound marketing, there is so many things to keep track of and do! Hubspot makes inbound marketing easier for you by combining all marketing tasks in one software platform. Everything from SEO, landing pages, blogging, social media e-mails and so much more can be done with this one invaluable tool! Capture vital information on potential customers and use them to drive success to your company! Packages vary from $200-$2,400 dollars/month.


Act-On a marketing automation software, offers the biggest bang for your buck. Use Act-On for lead management and lead scoring. If coupled with Hubspot, you could be a force to be reckoned with! Track the likelihood of your potential customer turning into a new customers. Although the cost to run the program isn't cheap, running $500-$6,120 dollars/month, depending on your success of products and sales, the program could easily pay for itself!


Sometimes in-order to make new customers you must keep your new customers happy. Word-of-mouth marketing can be extremely valuable to your business. Your happy customers will tell their friends and they will want to see what all the talk is about. Know how your customers are feeling about your business and encourage feedback with Trade-On. Trade-on allows customers to provide feedback about your business, in return they are given a coupon. Not only does this encourage feedback, this gets your business known more. Know what your current customers want to make them happy, so they will tell their friends about you. The Trade-On app not only helps with customer retention, customer acquisition is in its nature!


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