6 Whole Bean Coffee Roasts Your Office Needs Immediately

Inside the four walls of Platypus we know one thing for certain: coffee grinders come here to die. We can't help ourselves--getting you noticed requires a ton of brain power, and our brains are hard-wired to run on caffeine. Chances are that you understand that feeling all too well if you're a business owner. The long days and nights with only the warmth of a mug to remind you that a world exists beyond your desk, office, or computer.

The only thing worse than another cold chow mein dinner is sipping your coffee and realizing the lava sludge you just brewed tastes horrible. Don't let anyone else fool you; you never know how bad the coffee you're drinking is until you try something delicious. They're harder to find than you'd think. Even we're guilty of buying in bulk. But fear not, intrepid business owner. What follows are coffee roasts guaranteed to wake & warm you with quality-- no need to drown them in sugar and milk to enjoy.

1. Equal Exchange Organic Love Buzz 

Lots of us in the office are fans of the mocha. Sometimes you want that flavor without all the extra syrup. Enter Love Buzz. It's dark and smoky, and you can't mistake the flavors of fudge, caramel, and toffee. If you really want to take it to the next level, try it with a healthy dose of whole or almond milk. And if you're feeling extra bold, break out the ice.

$9.75, 12oz

2. JBC Coffee Roasters Celinga Ethiopia

Nestled in the heart of America, JBC Roasters produces award-winning coffee after award-winning coffee. The best way to describe the Celinga Ethiopia is intense. Each sip simmers in your mouth and holds its flavor for a long time after. We like this one with a bit of cinnamon and honey, but black does very nicely as well.

$16.50, 12oz

3. Kuma Coffee Las Brumas Honey

Bellevue, WA roasters Kuma Coffee have a knack for finding singular roasts from singular estates, and the Las Brumas Honey is no exception. The semi-washed (or "honeying") process gives this brew an intense sweetness, and just the right amount of kick. We encourage you, strangely enough, to enjoy this coffee with just a touch of stevia sweetener.

Buy Kuma Coffee Las Brumas Honey here | $17.00, 12oz

4. Doi Chaang Coffee Co. Kopi Luwak

It may get some bad press, but that doesn't mean Kopi Luwak, or Wild Thai Civet Coffee, isn't delicious. Billed as "the rarest, most unique and highly coveted coffee in the world," the ripe coffee cherries are digested and fermented by wild civets in Thailand, before being collected and roasted in Vancouver, British Columbia. Novelty item or rare treat, it's certainly the warmest conversation starter of your day.

Buy Doi Chaang Coffee Co. Kopi Luwak here | $70.00, 1.7oz

5. Stumptown Roasters Columbia La Esperanza

The Stumptown Columbia La Esperanza is another coffee that doesn't need much in the way of additives. This roast has a meaty texture with currant and plum, and is just the right kind of sour. Some Sugar In The Raw added to this one can take just enough of the edge off to sip quickly, but if you want the full effect you'll take it black.

Buy Stumptown Roasters Columbia La Esperanza here | $26.25, 12oz

6. Starbucks Pike Place Roast

With our home office in Seattle, WA, we'd be remiss not to include the titular Seattle roast. It's smooth, well-rounded, and will pretty much take any combination of additives you can throw at it. It's nutty and chocolatey. Will it blow you away with its undeniable flavor profile? No. But it sure beats the pants right off your current bulk coffee, and doesn't cost much more.

Buy Starbucks Pike Place Roast here | $11.95, 16oz

What's your favorite whole bean roast? Share it with us in the comments below!


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