5 New Skills You Need to Stay Competitive in the Online Marketplace

Technology is an important facet in every marketplace. We know how fast the market trends change, and it is equally important to keep up with this increasingly technical world.  The school you graduated from or your total years of experience may entice several employers or some marketing agency.  However, you need to rise to the occasion to keep your edge and be competitive. If you think basic computer skills are enough, you might be surprised to know you’re wrong! Here are five tech skills people should have in the Age Of Information:

  1. Editing Digital Files. 

    Imagine being asked by your boss to edit a communication letter in a read-only format such as PDF. For beginners, not knowing how to navigate such digital challenges can be a complication, making you less efficient at work. Remember that the harder skills you acquire, the more valuable you become at the workplace especially in an online marketing agency. Other digital files you need to familiarize include images, audio and video clips, and emails.

  1. Cloud Management

    Technology is rapidly evolving, so depending on your own hardware and software is becoming outdated and unnecessary.  Get savvy and organize your files in a more reliable and efficient way. Through cloud management, you can execute data processing with the use of services outside your own computer. A prominent example is Google’s web-based office suite which includes Google Docs and Google Slides. These “cloud” based services allow you to process and access files anywhere using any capable device. No need to use bulky hard discs or flash memory drives!


  1. Proficiency in Online Communication

    To better workflows, the implementation of web communication tools is now being maximized.  Gmail, Skype, and GoToMeeting allow organizations to simplify internal communication while saving office space, time and money. Being proficient with these platforms gets your message across in an organizational context and makes the whole flow simpler. Unlike traditional forms of communication, you can exchange information anytime and from any place with web communication tools. This makes your work in an email marketing agency more efficient.


  1. Tech Troubleshooting.

    This probably is a no-brainer. Many people find themselves stuck with tech troubleshooting issues, from a slow internet, to missing files, compromised internet accounts, and crashed software. In a hectic workplace, sometimes you’ll be left with nothing but yourself. But knowing how to work around these problems can greatly reduce your downtime and enable you to focus on more important aspects.


  1. Adaptability.

    Hardware and software at the workplace need continuous updates just as all its employees do. When companies embrace new tools, you should be receptive of such changes and learn to use their full potential. It may be a new automated management system, an intraoffice messaging solution, or a time-tracking software. The more adaptive you are to new things, the more valuable you become at work!

Whatever field you are in--sales , marketing, customer service, SEO, or whatnot; technology is already an indispensable part of it. Thus, constantly learning new things, especially the ones mentioned, allows you to secure your place in an extremely competitive market!


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