5 #Lifehacks For Social Media Sanity

Social media is fun. Social media is expressive. Social media is insanely powerful for business. And sometimes, Social media can be absolutely exhausting. There are articles upon articles on the internet about social media tools and methods. What no one ever tells you effective ways to make social media a part of your life if you've been hired to make it your life. So we've got 5 great life hacks you know how to survive social media for your business:


1) Get Up Early

This one is easier than it sounds. First of all, it means you get to leave work early, which means you get to miss traffic or catch less-crowded public transit. Second, research shows that 2.5 to 4 hours after waking is when your brain is sharpest. Getting to the office with very little distraction is the perfect time to easily digest the overcrowded mess that can be social media, and separating the wheat from the chaff is why you were hired!

2) Make Twitter Your First Destination

While all social media channels are important, you'll consistently find the most shareable content on Twitter. If you've been building your Twitter following properly, you'll have nothing but high-quality sources to choose from. While other networks can feel heavy, Twitter is the perfect balance of casual and feature-packed that can really ramp up your morning mood and fill your Queue with great shareables.

3) Ignore "The Queue" Sometimes

Speaking of the Queue, anyone who uses Sprout or Buffer or any other social media management platform knows about what we refer to at Platypus as "Queue Daze." Social media is just as much about timeliness and excitement as it is about great content. It can be easy to get lost in the "Find-Post-Schedule-Repeat" routine and lose all the fun of social media management. So break out sometimes. Find a timely piece of exciting content and post it in a fun way--relevant or not.

4) Use Groups & Communities To Keep You Interested

Using the Queue isn't the only way to get burned out on social media. When managing a business on social, it's easy to forget there is more than Pages. Community makes social media what it is, and there's a good chance that you got into social media management because you love the community aspect. Don't forget that Communities and Groups are awesome for business!

5) Post Company Content You Want To Share Personally

This one should go without saying but can be easy to forget. When you're representing your company on social media, you're not just representing the products or the culture--you're representing the soul of your business. That's something everyone in the building should be aligned on, and something that all will want to share if you're doing it right. Employee engagement on social media can have a huge impact on social success. Create and share content you'd want to share on your own page to begin with. Others will follow suit.

Don't get lost in social media management. Remember that it's an extension of what you love doing already, and get going! Looking for social media management for your business? Platypus can help, just click here to see our Social Media Management options!


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