(Infographic) 5 Inexpensive Ways to Boost Employee Morale

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The value that hardworking, driven employees bring to a company should never be understated.  Workers are the lifeblood of your company, and it’s time to give your company a pulse with a much needed morale boost. The tips below are surefire ideas to boost employee morale that will get them excited to come into the office.

 Employees are People, Not Resources - Nothing makes an employee feel respected quite like being treated like a human being. Little things like acknowledging them directly and asking for their input will make an employee feel valued. The best part, positive treatment is absolutely free!

 Let Them Make Contributions - Giving employees responsibility shows that you trust them to get the job done, and they’ll be motivated to prove you right.

 Offer Non-Monetary Rewards - The reason we specify non-monetary rewards is simple. If you give an employee a cash bonus, they are more included to believe it’s the fruits of their labor, rather than an act of appreciation. Take your hardworking employees out to dinner or a fun local event. Give them something to brag about. 

 Keep Everyone On the Same Page - Obscure policies and long-term plans will make employees feel uneasy about their future with your company. Keep things transparent so everybody can feel at ease.

 Foster a Fun Work Environment - Make your office the place that no one wants to leave, instill fun monthly challenges, or even weekly rewards for the Most Valuable Employee.

Employee happiness leads to increased productivity and improved quality of work. Thus, investing in increasing employee morale will not only create a positive work environment but also increase your company’s bottom line. You can achieve all of this without breaking the bank!



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