5 Essential Tips For Getting Stellar Facebook Reviews

Present day marketers know that Facebook is a powerful platform for building their brand. The social media giant has already passed the 1 billion mark of active monthly users and has managed to create an environment friendly for business. However, the difficulty doesn’t lie in starting a Facebook presence for your business. It lies in building reputation and receiving reliable, genuine reviews from customers.

When people see real reviews about a business in Facebook (and not the paid feedback we normally see and hate), their confidence grows. This confidence can attract a following which would later translate into a loyal customer base. So how do we encourage people to leave reviews on our Facebook pages? Here are 5 effective tips to clients, customers, and fans to leave unsolicited feedback, and fall in love with your online brand!

1) Excellent service—It’s almost a no-brainer. The best way to get positive reviews is to provide quality, trustworthy services. No paid-for review can match the sheer excitement of receiving top-notch service. If your business operates in good faith, it takes-+ almost no effort to organically earn reviews.

2) Interaction—Regularly engage your customers online and do it like you’re talking directly to them. Send them updates or news you know they will be ecstatic about. Make it real, make it friendly. Talk to them and they will talk back to you. Begin to think of your social media following as your brand’s family. Aren’t you almost always more likely to do something nice for your family?

3) Powerful contentOnline attention span can be short and fleeting. In order to hook people overloaded with social media information, you have to have exciting content. Your Facebook posts must reflect the kind of brand you are and be of interest to potential reviewers. Add powerful images and creative visuals to make page visitors stay and ponder on your quality of service before they eventually decide to leave a review. And put the necessary call to action in place. You can say something like “leave us a review and share this story with others”. There are limitless ways to use content to your advantage.

4) Making it an experience—Some think twice before leaving business reviews on Facebook because there’s no friendly mechanism to allow for that and there’s no visible link for writing the review. If you want customers to work for you, make sure you make the experience easy for them. The review section or link should be accessible and visible around your Pages. The harder it is to find, the less reviews you will earn. Make leaving reviews a unique experience by coming up with ideas that will incentivize them, like providing future discounts in exchange.

5) Just plain ask—There are those who think highly of a good business but never take the next step and leave them a Facebook review. You might be pulling your hair out wondering why. Keep calm. They just need a little encouragement. At times when they’re most happy about your products and services, just politely ask them to leave reviews on your Facebook page. Make them understand how much you would appreciate a word from your valuable customers and how their positive feedback can motivate your business to set new standards in the industry. You’ll be surprised how much excitement they will put in that review.

A simple collection of honest and reliable reviews on your Facebook page can boost consumer confidence. This consumer confidence can turn into loyal customer base which can later on turn into valuable assets of your growing business. Don’t underestimate the power of the ask!


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