4 Ways To Make Content Marketing Work When You Have Zero Free Time

Content marketing can be a very daunting task for businesses. Not only do you feel like you don’t have the time, but you may not have the money to hire someone to write for you! Engaging your customers takes time. However, in the process your customers and potential customers will grow to trust you and have a bond that they may not have with any other business. Having content marketing is invaluable to your business. How do you use content to support your marketing goals?

Here are a few tips to help you save time and money on content marketing:

1. Set aside time. Now!
Your day is busy--we understand that--but you need to set time aside to actually incorporate content into your marketing scheme. Setting aside as little as 30 minutes a day for content sharing can dramatically improve your visibility. Be sure to engage as much as you can during this time. If you are in a real bind for time, using social media scheduling tools like Sprout Social or Buffer can help dramatically! These schedulers can help you manage your posts and schedule them in advance to save you time in the future. Just make sure to stay on top of current topics in your industry to keep content relevant!

Most of these tools also provide an easy way to analyze the success of your posts. They provide insight on how many people you are reaching, who your audience is, and when the best time to reach them is! However the most important thing to do to increase the success of your posts, is to engage with your audience and not just share content.

2. Valuable content needs to come fast!
Sometimes it is not the scheduling or posting of content that takes the most time. Finding valuable content for your audience can be the set back in content marketing. Valuable content means something different for everyone. However, to get the best out of content marketing for your audience, the content is valuable if it reinforces your expertise and value of what you do for them and is useful to them.

Many people don’t have the time to sit and look through all the content online to find the right stuff, and it is impossible. The key is to curate your content. Take the time to find your trusted sources that provide reliable trustworthy content for your audience and come back to them for other content. Make a list of these sources and refer to them when you need content to post.

Instead of looking at all of the sources on your list at different times, save your time and energy by using RSS Readers. RSS Readers like Feedly combine all your sources together so you can quickly skim through their content to see what fits your needs! Put content into categories and save yourself some time! Other tools that prove to be helpful are tools that allow you to search content with keywords and tools that allow you to see what your customers are talking about on their social outlets.

3. Add Value With Related Content
When you have the right content, people will come! You can add more value to your content by creating tags and using keywords. People interested in the topic will see your content if your categorize it by tagging it! Usability and easy navigation are a simple way to dramatically increase traffic and decrease your bounce rate. In addition, use SEO to your advantage! Make sure your links are well-formatted and invite users to click. Plugins for WordPress like the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin can simplify this process and give you tons of helpful suggestions, as well as automate large parts of your SEO process. By connecting your content to other content that matters to those readers, the value of the information you're sharing increases!

4. Don't Be Afraid To Recycle Content!
Generating new content week after week can be daunting, but at a certain point you can let the nature of social media work for you. Internet content moves fast, with the average lifespan of a Tweet being only 18 minutes. Combined with changes to Facebook News Feed algorithms and other filtering mechanisms, it's more than likely only a handful of your following saw your content. This means you can regularly recycle evergreen content to reach more people. It also means you can relax when there's a slow news week or you're dry on new ideas. Let the work you've already done work for you!

The tools are all around you to succeed in content marketing! Using these tips can increase your chances of success and make you stand out above your competition!


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