4 Easy Steps For A Better Facebook Business Page Cover Photo

A strong Facebook presence is crucial to your business' success. One of the most important aspects of getting there is a powerful cover photo. It's the first impression people have of your business' online personality, and a bad one can make potential customers leave immediately. Here are 4 tips to making sure your cover photo is working for your business!

1. Use Visuals, Not Words, To Tell Your Story

The Facebook cover photo is a large, visual space at the top of your business' Page. Don't waste it by filling a graphic full of words and information found elsewhere on the Facebook Page. Use this space to make an emotional connection with your target audience. Capture your business and what you do with strong photography.

Southwest Airlines Facebook Cover Photo

GQ Facebook Cover Photo

2. When You Have To Use Words, Remember The 70/30 Rule

No matter how great your photography, sometimes words are necessary. When you feel they are, make sure to follow the 70/30 Rule: Take up no more than 30% of the photo with words, and let the rest just be photography. The more a viewer has to read, the less your intended point is made.

Pizza Hut Facebook Cover Photo

Buffer Facebook Cover Photo

3. Show Off Your Clients

You're doing work with and for your clients every day. If it's something you can take a photo of when it's done, do it! Then show that off as your Facebook cover photo. But make sure to make it clear that it's one of your clients. That emotional connection is important to new potential clients. They want to know people like them are using your services.

Nikon Facebook Cover Photo

Sharpie Facebook Cover Photo

4. Commemorate New Products, Services, or Accomplishments

If you have even a reasonably sized Facebook following, chances are users will occasionally click through to your Page if you're posting regularly. When you have a new product, service, or accolade, update your cover photo for a while to showcase it. This can re-target existing clients as well as give potential clients the push they need to call.

Hubspot Facebook Cover Photo

Entrepreneur Facebook Cover Photo

These tips will help get your Facebook cover photos supercharged! Don't forget, the dimensions of a cover photo are 851 x 315. You can use any simple photo editing software to make one. If you don't have one, PicMonkey is a great free online photo editor!



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