3 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty

Customer retention is the tried and true method to steady business growth. As we have suggested time after time, gaining a new customer tends to cost more than getting old customers to return. So the question remains, how do we generate high customer loyalty? With these three easy to incorporate tips, we will aim to answer that question.

Give your customers validation

One of the greatest human experiences is feeling like you’re being valued, this applies to customers and businesses. Rather than treat your customers like walking transactions, let them feel like they are interacting with other human beings. This means sharing inside information like upcoming promotions, perhaps your favorite products. Developing this rapport does wonders for earning  your customer’s business, they’ll appreciate the extra time you take to work with them.

Another worthwhile practice is owning up to mistakes. It costs nothing to swallow your pride,  losing business on the other hand can hurt financially!

Be Authentic

Authenticity is huge when it comes to creating a reputation as a trustworthy company. This means connecting with your customers. It is important to note the necessity of face-to-face interaction in addition to communicating electronically. While connecting with your customers online is certainly a convenience, it should not be the only way you reach them. Face-to-face interaction makes it easier to develop an honest, transparent relationship, customers will be more likely to trust you since they now have a face to associate to your business.

With all your business decisions, it’s important to ask the question “Will this result in a product I would buy?” If you’re selling something that even you wouldn’t want, then why expect your customers to be interested?

Learn from your customer

A stagnant business is a dying one, therefore you should always seek opportunities to improve. There are two ways you can make changes:

    • Improve what you think will be best for your business
    • Ask customers what they would like to see

The second option is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction. Regularly asking for feedback is a great way to see what needs to be improved. Instead of investing tons of time and research into creating the perfect customer behavior, take time to foster an enjoyable customer experience. You’re bound to attract an audience through this practice.

When asked how to reach customers for feedback, we recommend TradeOn, a business to customer relationship app. The app allows businesses to create a quick, easy survey for their customers to participate in. Those who take the time to give feedback are rewarded with app exclusive promotions. As a result, customers are given incentive to return to your business, allowing for more opportunities to inspire customer loyalty!


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