3 Ways To Elevate Your Online Customer Service

The internet has changed the way consumers shop. No longer are you always meeting face to face with a customer. However, just because you don't see them, doesn't mean you don't have to build rapport with them! While technology has changed the way we shop and do business, one thing remains true: Good customer service is good customer service! How exactly do you provide amazing customer service online? The key is to go the extra mile and personalize your customer service. Here are 3 ways to start.

1. Value their time!

One of the most important things you can do to provide good customer service is to provide assistance accurately, efficiently. Most importantly, solve the problem in one interaction. 71% of consumers expect assistance within five minutes and if not received, 48% will leave the site. This five minutes should be used to look into the customer's previous history with the company and their personal information instead of subjecting them to transfer hell filled with long wait times and awful elevator music.

Save some time by having a customer file information on past purchases, previous experiences with the companies products or services and demographics of the customer. Having this file on hand could help you better understand the concerns of the customer, handle the customer's requests, and build a rapport with them to keep them coming back! Above all, value their time by making sure that you have all the information needed to make their customer experience as rewarding as possible!

2. Empower your customer service manager

Customer service managers should truly care about providing the best service possible to customers. However, as time goes by, they can sometimes become bored by the experience or find themselves under tight restraints to perform to an exuberant standard. To meet these standards, their employees need to give the "best" service possible, in a short amount of time that is unreasonable. In and out! That is their motto. So, how do we bring these managers back to their old ways of truly caring about the consumers of their product?

We must empower them to do so! Success for customer service is being measured by how many people customer service reps are able to help and whether they can reach that daily assigned quota. They end up being more concerned about meeting quota than actually providing the service necessary to not only solve their problem but create a relationship with that consumer.

Make a switch from results-oriented guidelines as you have with quotas to a relationship-oriented guideline, focusing on building rapport and a connection with the customer. Customer service reps no longer feel the stress of meeting daily or monthly quotas and can just concentrate on delivering amazing service.

3. Provide amazing social customer service

With 99% of brands on Twitter, we assume you are too. Twitter has opened up a channel of communication between the consumer and the brand. Consumers are using Twitter as an outlet to communicate their concerns and questions about a product or service to a company. 70% of customer complaints on Twitter go unanswered. Don't leave your customers in the dirt waiting for your response. Stand out from your competitors and show your customers you really care!  Answer every request as soon as you can.

When you have created a Promoter, keep them in your ecosystem with an app that exchanges customer surveys for rewards. Taking a final step to keep a customer in your social circle can provide you much more feedback and make their experience, even more, rewarding the next visit!


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