10 Steps to Drive Customer Feedback and Turn it Into Dialogue

Measuring customer experience relies heavily on customer feedback. You must make the customer part of your game! Listen to their needs, wants, and concerns to provide them the best service possible! It is easy enough to say that customer feedback will help. However, the task of actually getting customer feedback is where the challenge lies! Many customers will refuse to respond or ignore requests for feedback. Why? Our goal to use this feedback is to better our service to them. Where does the problem lie?

Customer service surveys have become a joke to many customers. Their belief: feedback cards will stack up, no one will read their comments, and nothing will be done to address their concerns. So how do you get them to actively participate in your company? To start, base your survey questions around the future and not past experiences. Show a commitment to your customers to improve your service by seeing what you can do better. It doesn't do you much good to focus how you did on a past transaction.

Customer feedback is no longer a one-way street. Turn your feedback into dialogue. Strengthen your relationship, and let it benefit both sides. Your customers will be more likely to participate in giving feedback if you show you really care. Click through to view the 10 steps you need to follow to increase your feedback rate and develop excellent dialogue.


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