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Email: Phone: 1.800.597.1686

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Social Media for Business


Social media marketing is a great way to build and interact with your community of customers!

Platypus promotes your brand with Social Media for Business. We create and implement effective social media strategies that are just right for your business and you. Using social media allows for a greater understanding of what your business does and promotes your unique story to the world in an engaging way.

Our social marketing methods help you reach real consumers that connect with your brand. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, or LinkedIn, Platypus builds and controls communities of people who have an interest in your business.


Your brand is all about your unique story. A story that sets your business apart from all others. Platypus carefully works to portray the personality of your business. We help you stand out from your competitors. We brand all social media accounts to have consistent and accurate information, while sharing just how special your business is in a compelling way.

Good engagement, just like good communication, takes two! Platypus helps you interact with your social community of customers by effectively telling them what you have to offer and acutely listening to what they have to say. We regularly maintain your social media presence. We post daily. We build your following on the most useful and popular social network platforms. We actively manage your social media pages and dynamically respond to your followers to keep your customers engaged.

Good aim requires focusing on the right target! Platypus builds your network of customers using successful and established online marketing methods. We post stories. We create and distribute engaging content, coupons and campaigns. All of which are specifically geared to reach your target audience.

Growth requires reaching out to new people! Platypus expands your business' reach by interacting in online communities and discussions. We advertise to communicate with broad audiences based on geography, interest, or promotions!

Social media specialists at Platypus track all the activity of visitors at your social media sites. They accumulate then provide you with detailed analytics for each of your social media platforms. Platypus uses expert tools and insight to make certain your social media engagement continues to grow.

Setup of Social Accounts Only, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Youtube, is a one time fee - $399.  This includes cover photos, account setup & verification, and twitter/facebook connectivity.

*Pricing is in USD, for international pricing please call to speak with a marketing consultant. 

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