The videos we create for BBB Accredited Businesses should not be considered advertisements or commercials for the business. They are intended to make consumers aware of a business’s products/services, employees, facilities, policies and philosophy.

1. Video scripts submitted to us may not:
  • Include any promotional, performance or advertising claims (contact information will still be displayed)
  • Include any pricing information
  • Include any product/business superiority claims, or mention or disparage any specific competitors
  • Include any reference to the business’s BBB rating that is not currently accurate (any video referencing an inaccurate rating will be removed immediately)
  • Depict any awards received other than a BBB ethics/torch or similar BBB award with the year it was given
  • Include testimonials or endorsements
  • Include any guarantee or warranty claims without their conditions being clearly and prominently disclosed upon review of their authenticity.
  • State or imply anything that is untrue
  • Reflect unfavorably on the BBB
  • Use clip art, unless the clip art is part of the business’s logo
  • Use, depict or include any trademarks or copyright materials of any party without express, written permission.
  • No direct call to actions
2.  Allowable video/image content:
  • Business building/facilities/workspace
  • Business personnel
  • Business hours
  • Business services
  • Examples of work
  • Examples of products sold
  • General statements of a business’s philosophy
  • Statements concerning BBB or BBB Accreditation
  • BBB ethics/torch and similar BBB awards in accordance with BBB policy